Fire protection

The PrimaHome fire protection systems allow various development elements to be made, which are responsible for the organisation of the so-called fire zones in buildings and ensure the right conditions for the evacuation of people. This group includes systems for the construction of internal doors and walls, mullion and transom façades as well as glazed roofs. According to the requirements, the fire resistance of this type of elements can vary from EI15 up to EI120 for vertical structures and for roofs it can be REI20 / RE30. At the same time, fire doors can feature smoke-proof properties when necessary.

The smoke exhaust windows and flaps play a particular role in ensuring safety and comfort for the people staying in the building. When properly selected, they are the elements of gravity ventilation, and when necessary they can help to quickly get rid of smoke and toxic vapours which may be dangerous for health and life. The smoke exhaust joinery based on the MB-series aluminium systems is equipped with specialist drives and control systems and has been tested and certified in accordance with EN 12101-2. The offer for these products is characterised by the diversity of solutions so they can be used in an individual development, as well as elements integrated with aluminium façades or roof glazed panels. The smoke exhaust and ventilation system is supplemented by aeration windows and doors.


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