English windows

Casement windows – English type windows

the profiles used are protected by a patent application,
5-chamber profile system improves strength and the energy efficiency of windows, - special sealing system reduces noise from the outside,
possibility of opening the window at an angle of 90 degrees with an additional sash shift (the "easy clean" option)
fittings made of stainless steel enable any user to enjoy a long-term reliable functionality of the window,
locking system based on solid bolts on either side of the window,
a wide range of shapes and types of glazing,
handle with key as standard,
4/20/4TPS (28mm) glass unit characterised by improved thermal properties,

English type windows – windows that open to the outside - Casement

This type of windows is popular in such countries as the UK and the USA. They come as standard in residential buildings. Their original design fits perfectly within the walls of historic buildings, and gives the new face to wealthy residences.

Casement windows, called 'Avantgarde Windows' posses the European CE certificate and passed a series of other tests allowing for a hassle-free use of these products in the United Kingdom and Ireland.


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