PCV windowsill ESTETIC

Our interior window sills are made of high quality PVC laminated with CPL laminates. Thanks to noble quality and durability of the material, the window sills are in a perfect harmony with the traditional aesthetic as well as the modernist interior finishing materials.

The smooth and even surface allows for easy cleaning – the window sills are highly resistant to moisture, stains, chemicals, invasive cleaning, scratches and deformation due to temperature.

The chamber section provides adequate rigidity of the structure. The sound and extra security during transport is guaranteed by delivering them in a production state.

PVC ESTETIC are available as 150, 200, 250, 300 mm wide and with length of 5.70 meters. Suggested colours: white and "marble".

PVC window sill is an essential element of interior design and emphasizes its character. They increase the aesthetic value of a window. Our window sills have all the necessary certificates and technical approvals. The main advantage is the guarantee of stable prices and short delivery time.

White Marble



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