Flexible sandstone KwarcStone is produced as a raw material in the format 262 x 112 cm, with the possibility of dimensioning according to individual orders. The thickness of the raw material depends on the application and ranges between 1-5 mm. The raw material can be reinforced with fiberglass mesh or ironed on any media construction (XPS, HPL, Aquapanel, mineral boards, or other).

The technology of flexible sandstone KwarcStone allows for direct application of web material on the wall, modeling it on curves or any surfaces.

KwarcStone modules are:

- first shaping surface,
- unrestricted use, both at elevations as well as in the interior,
- exclusive and noble appearance of natural sandstone,
- Lightness - design load just 5 kg/m2
- freedom of color and the possibility of individual orders and vascularity on color simulator 
- ease and speed of installation - KwarcStone sandstone mounted directly on the wall, without additional structure.

Flexible sandstone KwarcStone successfully used as:

- facades of buildings
- finish shopping malls and boutiques
- molding
- building fireplaces
- X-rays
- performance of small architectural elements inside.

Interior Exterior

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