This is an optimal selection for those of you who, above all, appreciate the nobleness and naturalism of the material. Our windows are constructed from carefully selected pine timber, mahogany (meranti) or oak bonded with layers. They are subjected to technological processing according to the restrictive European standards, which guarantees the product with unsurpassed quality.

The broad selection of colours and design freedom, combined with the state of the art manufacturing technology, allow adjusting the service parameters and the final appearance of the window to the requirements of our Customers.

Timber windows advantages:

Thermal outer seals protect the window frame from the operation of moisture from outside. Discharging the runoff water to the outside of window frames, they protect the entirety of the structure from moist accumulation.

Two gaskets, once contacted, create the air chamber, thus additionally insulating the room.

Integrated structure made from 3-layer bonded timber. The window profile is joined such that the internal stresses occurring in the wood are mutually lifted, while the timber remains unchanged in spite of atmospheric conditions operation.


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