Energy-saving wooden windows PRIMA 80 are a product which is not only a perfect choice for those who want natural, wooden, energy-saving windows, but also one to emphasize the character of every interior. Thanks to modern technological solutions, they will provide comfort, perfect design and excellent functional properties.

The most important technical parameter which defines the energy-saving level is the overall heat transfer coefficient for the entire window. The lower this factor, the less heat 'escapes' from your home. In the case of wooden pine windows of the PRIMA 80 line, this coefficient comes to Uw=0,9 W/m2K.

Another, equally important, parameter is the sound insulation level. Depending on the applied glazing unit, it fluctuates between 32 and 40 dB. This index means that in comparison to the outside surroundings, you can hear this much dB less of noise inside.

The wood the windows are made of is subject to very thorough selection. Timber used to make the windows is carefully dried. All anatomical flaws of the wood - such as knots, burls or twisted fibres - are removed.

In the PRIMA 80 windows, the sash and frame are 80 mm thick and are made of four layers of wood, with appropriately selected alternate ring pattern. We make windows using mainly pine, meranti or oak wood.

Energy efficiency of the PRIMA 80 wooden windows results also from their modern construction. An innovative solution is to use 2 groove gasket, an edge gasket, and a gasket on the contact surface between the thermal drip cap and the window frame. The latter prevents both cold air and precipitation water from permeating between the sash and the window frame.






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